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Reasearch & Development

We seek to provide our innovations with added value and maintain an unchallenged leadership in the sectors where System operates.

To this end, the expenditure for the research and development of new solutions is about 5% of turnover each year.

We can count more than 300 invention patents registered from 1970 to the present, in addition to the partnerships entered into with the most important scientific research centres around the world.


R&D investment





Joining evolution and innovation, know-how and technological excellence to find process innovations: this is what motivates our team of researchers, every day.

The newborns in the R&D Department - Creadigit, Freebox, LAMGEA, Griffon and Multigecko - represent the outcome of a process of market analysis and Green Technology development that has never stopped. Before them, the most well-known inventions are called 4Phases, Laminam, Copilot, Modula and our patent par excellence which boasts more than 30,000 specimens in the world, Rotocolor.

Environmental-friendliness, corporate social responsibility and commitment to innovation are the basis of our research and with these principles we look into the future in order to continue being leaders.