System at the Centro Studi G.R.O. annual conference 2017

Centro Studi G.R.O.’s annual conference with the title “Transformation Capital. Finanza & talento per innovare” (Capital transformation. Finance & talent for innovating) will be held on 19 October at the Modena Chamber of Commerce. Franco Stefani is also taking part in the event, in the session dedicated to “Italy that innovates”. Having arrived at its fifth edition, the conference is viewed as an important appointment for Italian professionals and businesses, particularly those in the Emilia region.

The last ten years have seen a strong acceleration in technological progress and significant changes at a macroeconomic and social level, highlighting how innovation is fundamental. In this international scenario, the System Group, in the figure of its Chairman, will describe the elements underpinning business success. The interdependencies between capital, talent and innovative ability in the business system will be described in the morning with the support of an EY Survey.