Press conference - Consolidated growth of the System Group, an example of manufacturing excellence on a world scale.

The System Group, international leader in the design and production of fully-automated manufacturing solutions for the ceramics industry and other sectors such as packaging, electronics and intra-logistics, recently held a press conference, illustrating the economic forecast data for 2016, and outlining, in the words of its President Mr.  Franco Stefani, the salient features of an industrial Group undergoing significant growth and expansion on a world level.
Its pioneering traits and in-depth knowledge of applied sciences have always been the outstanding characteristics of the System Group, which for 2016 envisages a consolidatedturnover of over 440 million euro. An impressive rate of growth, equal to an increase of 18% compared to 2015, a figure to be considered net of the transfer of System Logistics SpA to the Krones Group, completed in June 2016. 
Investments in Research and Development are ongoing, equal to 5% of the turnover of System SpA. The various projects under way include in particular the research work in the field of digital decoration systems on a diverse range of materials, and the development of technologies aimed at the digitalisation of factories, as part of the Industry 4.0 plan, such as the development of PRIME, a software services platform designed to control the production capacity of entire factories.
The high level of specialisation and the vocation for innovation represent just some of the salient features of the System Group, now synonymous on the international scenario with manufacturing excellence. Expansion was started in the 1980s and its unstoppable force continues today, with an international presence in 25 countries and 36 subsidiary companies worldwide
System in the world
The production of large formats in technical ceramics is a trend gaining ground in numerous markets, including India, where System has recently reorganised the management of the branch at Ahmedabad, and where an industrial development plan has been started, focussing on the dissemination of digital technology for tile decoration and the installation of systems for the production of large ceramic slabs. Italy, Mexico and China are the markets where ceramics industries have invested most in industrial automations produced by System during 2016. 
Some news on the panorama of System branches is the recent opening of a company inDubai working in close collaboration with the Arab branch of Riyadh. 
The Laminam factory at Borgotaro
The new facility of Laminam in Borgotaro (PR), inaugurated on 27th September 2016 is the emblem of new digitalised manufacturing, an example of excellence, in which System technology takes the limelight, giving life to a reference model of Industry 4.0 on a world scale. The new factory, covering a surface area of 45,000 m2 is cutting edge with a highly efficient structural layout, currently outfitted with two complete lines and a 2-lane kiln, with potential for expansion up to three. The site is entirely dedicated to the production of  large ceramic surfaces of 1620x3240 mm in various thicknesses up to 12 mm, designed in particular for horizontal surfaces such as tables, bathroom and kitchen surfaces, both indoor and outdoor. The new facility, together with the plant at Fiorano Modenese and that of Balabanovo in Russia dedicated to the production of slab formats 1000x3000mm in thicknesses of 3 and 5mm, the latter also purchased in 2015, to be inaugurated on 27th March 2017, represent an exponential growth of company productivity. With Lamina technology, System has transformed ceramics into an authentic unique surface. A state-of-the-art technology that has definitively revolutionised the use of this material, opening up new user and market sectors, including that of interior design.
Expansion of Modula 
As regards the technological solutions for intra-logistics, we are seeing the increasing growth in the international presence ofModula, the company specialised in the development of automatic vertical storage modules. After start-up of the production facilities in the UnitedStates (Lewiston - Maine), in August 2015 for the North American market, financial investments are now being focussed on completion of the production facilities in China (Suzhou), with the aim of ensuring widespread services to the Asian continent. The expansion of Modula also regards expansion of the Italian plant of Salvaterra (RE), the historical headquarters of the company. Furthermore, in 2016 Modula also opened the distribution branches of Bangalore, in India and in London, England.
Human heritage as added value
The levels of employment are also growing within the company, given that the core of our work lies in human knowledge. We now boast a strong presence of personnel highly qualified in technical, scientific and financial fields.
The Group now boasts 1143 employees in Italy and 598 abroad, continuing to confirm its leadership in high performance industrial automation. 
Through its know-how, System has given life to new production processes, anticipating trends, opening new market sectors with industrial methods that not only have changed the scenario of traditional manufacturing, but also conquering world markets, becoming the perfect example of excellence made in Italy.