Japan: TOTO will press with GEA by System

In January 2015, the Japanese group TOTO will start the production line with GEA, the press without a mold by System. This Asian leader in the sanitary sector exploits the trend of the near Platinum (Indonesia) and SGC Group (Thailand) to achieve the expected qualitative shift in the ceramic tiles division embracing the System technology. With the world’s most powerful press, GEA22000 tons, TOTO will produce porcelain stoneware surfaces of 1,200 x 3,000 millimetres and all its submultiples, with a thickness ranging from 3 to 10 millimetres.

The GEA press, with slow disareation and test-proof compaction, has been chosen by TOTO for its performance on the products and the flexibility that it will introduce in the factory. The molds and the dedicated warehouse will disappear. Only 30 minutes of machine downtime to change the upper belt which can be engraved with a high-resolution laser (254DPI) to produce reliefs.

The TOTO production will add to the projected number square metres that, in 2015, will be created in the world with the System Lamina technology and the GEA press: 25 million between large ceramic surfaces and tiles (source System data). The Tecnargilla exhibition (Riminifiera, 20-26 September, pavilion A1) is an excellent opportunity to take a close look at the GEA press and its features, where System will also display solutions for high-resolution digital printing (Creadigit) and in particular the new generation of the end of line (quality check with Qualitron, Multigecko sorting machine with two rows, the 4Phases packaging machine, Griffon palletiser, Easy Line FV08 paired with Multigecko with 12 stackers)