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Ever since 1970 we have consistently anticipated the future by adopting latest-generation processes for ceramic manufacturing, intralogistics, electronics and packaging. We have chosen to anticipate the future in order to develop industrial practices that are exible, connected and global, and where the interaction between human and machine is the main focus of all our actions.

A high technological content manufacturing hub

A Great Group

A company that has grown and expanded not only in various different sectors but also in various countries worldwide, creating a network of companies and subsidiaries united by a passion for innovation and premium quality research.

System SPA

Group Companies

Operative Units

  • System Ceramics
  • System Electronics
  • System Lamina
  • Nuova Era
  • Prime

In Italy

  • Laminam
  • Laminam Service
  • Modula
  • Premium Care
  • System Sicurezza
  • Studio 1
  • Tosilab


  • System Argentina
  • System Bohemia
  • System Brasil
  • System China
  • System Colombia
  • System EAU
  • System Egypt
  • System España
  • System India
  • System Indonesia
  • System Iran
  • System Norte America
  • System Poland
  • System Portogallo
  • System Russia
  • System Saudi Arabia
  • System Seramik
  • System Siam
  • System South East
  • System U.S.A.
  • System Vietnam
  • Laminam Russia
  • Modula Deutschland
  • Modula France
  • Modula India
  • Modula UK
  • Modula U.S.A.






Branches Worldwide

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