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The history

The foundations for future growth can only be laid through innovation. This is System's history.

A story that has lasted for over 40 years.
Franco Stefani founded System in 1970 to give concrete form to his entrepreneurial vision. Today he is a business leader and chairman of System S.p.A., and personally leads the Research and Development team.

The core business is designing automations for the ceramics industry, of which we have entirely revolutionised the productive processes more than once.
Our know-how has then spilled over into the packaging, logistics, intra-logistics and electronics sectors thanks to the process evolutions we have introduced through innovations in the field of mechatronics.

Our history, in fact, is about process innovation. Hundreds of invention patents placed on the market, a global market of which we have been able to anticipate the trends.

System-marked automation is strictly Made in Italy and inspired by clear principles: internationalisation, production flexibility, production process ever more environmentally friendly, cutting-edge technology.

1970 1970


System SpA was set up

1971 1971


We produced Rocket, the first rotary printing machine.

1974 1974


It is Outliner's turn, which monitors tile size.

1976 1976


System CMA was set up, the future System Logistics.

1979 1979


1980 1980


1982 1982


The Falcon lands, the first automatic, controlled gripper palletiser, integrated within a ceramic plant.

1987 1987


Modula, the first automatic vertical warehouse elicits curiosity and conquers the market.

1989 1989


1990 1990


1991 1991


1994 1994


The cutting edge year for System: Rotocolor, the first real rotary system for tile decoration and glazing.

1997 1997


2002 2002


2005 2005


Nuova Era also joins the Group, which designs and develops plants.

2006 2006


2007 2007


System acquires Serigrafica Tosi, active since 1969, to compete in the tile graphics and design sector. The financial operation leads to setting up the company Tosilab.

2008 2008


The R&D department introduces 4PHASES, the completely innovative system to package tiles with one cardboard frame only, saving up to 80% in cardboard.

2009 2009


The acquisition of Micromax leads to setting up System Packaging, a powerhouse of patents and process innovations for machines dedicated to packaging and palletising.

2010 2010


System S.p.A. turns 40 and celebrates together with its 1,200 employees.

2012 2012


The Packaging division introduces Freebox™, a secondary packaging ecosystem which - in 28 sqm - assembles in real time sturdy boxes tailored for the product.

2013 2013


A pivotal year dedicated to the development and marketing of the digital ceramic printer, Creadigit, the mould-less press LAMGEA which produces ceramic sheets in any thickness.

2014 2014


System presents Diversa in a world preview at Tecnargilla, the innovative line for a revolutionary concept of future glazing and decoration solutions.

2015 2015


System celebrates 45 years of business.

Looking aheado ...Looking ahead

...Looking ahead

We are working on projects such as Diversa, Windpowder and Plotterone, which in the near future will change the outlook in the process of ceramic glazing and decorating.