What comes after the Hannover Messe 2017


05 June 2017

The show’s chosen lead theme of “Integrated Industry – Creating Value” put a major spotlight on the benefits of Industrie 4.0 and the role of humans in tomorrow’s integrated factories
The Hannover Messe 2017 was attended by 225,000 visitors and more than 75,000 came from abroad. This figure has never been reached in 70 years of the trade show.
This edition has seen the triumph of the cobots
A new generation of robots: the so-called “cobots”. They are collaborative robots, which are about to fundamentally transform the way we work in factories. Their connectivity, artificial intelligence, innovative sensors and intuitive operation allow them to communicate directly with humans, as they learn autonomously and swap instructions with other cobots. We are facing a new dawn for the robotics which is entering not only the manufacturing world but also everyday life.
Previously sensors were viewed as the main technology item connecting up different machines, but this year’s event put platform solutions to the fore. Concretely, this refers to cloud-based network connections for the entire production operations, including data collection and analysis. 
At the venue the main focus was on new energy storage technologies, which included serial production-ready electrolysis stacks, making hydrogen solutions a viable alternative even today. Some totally new approaches were also in evidence in the solar technology area, with several companies displaying ultra-thin, flexible solar foils that generate electricity even in low-light conditions, opening up new options for the practical application of the technology.
Source: Hannover Messe Press Release