The Innovation Award 2018 by Democenter is assigned to Franco Stefani


03 June 2018

“An extraordinary innovator throughout his career as entrepreneur, creator and developer of processes and products unique in the world, an attentive observer and tireless explorer of new horizons with far-sighted vision and an inspiration for all”.

With this motivation, the Democenter Foundation assigned the Innovation Award 2018 to Engineer Franco Stefani, the first businessman in the world to produce large-format ceramic surfaces and an inventor of leading technologies in the world in the reference sectors.

The Innovation Award was assigned to Engineer Stefani jointly by the outgoing President, Erio Luigi Munari, and by the new President, Gian Carlo Cerchiari, during the General Meeting for the presentation of the report on the Democenter Fountation’s activities.

Engineer Stefani’s story is one of successes and conquests; starting from experimentation on electronic systems applied to automation, he went on to revolutionize the ceramics sector and to gradually extend his expertise into intra-logistics, packaging and a wide range of industrial automations.

The object awarded also has an innovation story behind it: it was designed and developed in the Fab Lab Makers Modena site by Slow-D, the Modena startup company operating in the industrial design sector, and is inspired by the augers featured on the emblem of the City of Modena.