System hosts the ‘Beyond Traditional Industry’ event organized by VEM and CRIT


11 April 2018

Digital transformation and the revolution of business models: these are the main themes of the Beyond Traditional Industry’ event which System will host on Tuesday 17 April.
The idea of this event focusing on the digital industryarises out of the cooperation between VEMa company involved in the digital development and transformation of companies and CRIT, an association specialized in research and analysis of technical-scientific information and in the development of research projects.
The partnership between the VEM and CRIT has been established in a context in which the digital transformation of industries is seen today as increasingly important, and derives from the shared aim of disseminating a technological culture that is able to accompany businesses in a digitalization process which is most appropriate for their particular structure and business objectives. 

How to apply these new technologies in practice to your business?
How to meet the digitalization challenge without ever losing sight of your business objectives?

Two experts in the sector, VEM Sistemi and Cisco will be providing answers to these questions, starting from real cases and practical aspects of IoT; they will guide industries in a comparison of  problems and technical, managerial, and organizational solutions in an exchange of experiences, best practices and specific benchmarking examples.
System opens the doors of its headquarters to host this important event, the main aim of which is the description of a new industrial paradigm, of which System is a pioneer, defining the standards of a new innovation concept able to contribute to the evolution of the territory and of an entire  district, which is no longer only industrial, but also digital.