Interview with Franco Stefani in Tiles & Bricks International


21 June 2017

There’s much talk of industry 4.0, factories stepping forwards to embrace the digitisation of manufacturing processes. 
The magazine Tiles & Bricks International sheds light on this topic by interviewing Franco Stefani, president of System, to hear the opinion of an Italian businessman who is already carrying out the "revolution 4.0". 
"Plants, their layout and organisation are changing. That’s what makes entering industry 4.0 so complex: it requires immense commitment, both from a logistics and financial viewpoint,” says Franco Stefani, president of System. “The whole factory has to evolve and its production process must be planned according to the fleet of machinery, from the spaces available to the order processing methods.”
Do you want to read more about what Mr Franco Stefani thinks? 
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Article "Who is alreadi Creating the 4.0 revolution - Interview to Franco Stefani" - Articolo "Chi la rivoluzione industriale la sta già facendo - Intervista a Franco Stefani"