German students visit System


17 May 2018

Students and professors of the University Hochschule für Technik of Stuttgart in cooperation with the department of engineering of the University of Parma visited the System’s technological center in Fiorano. The German technical school is renowned for being an advanced training center and one of the most important universities of Baden-Württemberg thanks to its strong vocation towards the 4.0 industrialization of the German Land. For the occasion, the company opened its doors to future technicians and engineers who were able to see for themselves an example of manufacturing excellence which is able to develop unrivalled innovative processes for the world market. From Stuttgart, one of the most important German cities with regards to technology and engineering, to System’s site in order to understand and observe a concrete example in which the factory of the future is already a reality. The students from the German university, accompanied by company staff responsible for professional training projects, were able to admire the laboratories equipped with cutting-edge instruments and the production departments, where extraordinary industrial systems for ceramics production are in operation. The initiative, promoted by the engineering department of Parma, is organized with activities aimed at helping youngsters enter the world of work and to reinforce relations between universities and the business world of excellence, as represented by System.