“Eco” packaging 4Phases from System lands in Southeast Asia with TCC

26 September 2013

The patent 4Phases from the System Group, the automatic machine that saves up to 80% of cardboard used for packaging ceramic tiles, goes beyond the borders of Europe and arrives in Southeast Asia

TCC, a company controlled by one of the most important tile manufacturers worldwide, Siam Cement Group, has chosen the innovative process of 4Phases to introduce a new ecological model in their end-of-line and manage the warehouse-boxes with total flexibility. The special features of 4Phases allow you to create made-to-measure cardboard packaging for products in a few automatic actions, dramatically reducing the cost attributed to packaging.  

In the case of TCC, 4Phases was installed in the terminal part of a production line that creates ceramics for floors (60x60 cm), including a group of 9-output Easy Line stackers and an automatic Falcon Millennium palletiser. TCC is continuing its collaboration with System for the insertion of the machine for the automatic selection of tiles, the Qualitron, both on the lines that produce coverings (double-fired) and on those dedicated to the floor (porcelain and single-fired). To date, TCC has already successfully installed 12 Qualitrons in its plants that, along with 4Phases, have contributed to strengthening the twenty-year partnership between TCC and System.