World cafè, supporting concrete actions in System


29 May 2018

On 29 May, System launched the Word Café project, an effective method for generating informal, concrete and constructive conversations on issues relating to work and company organization.

This form of contact starts from the assumption that the contribution of participants in a discussion can be maximized by the informal nature of the dialogue and by freedom of expression.   

High performing employees from different departments and four facilitators, under the supervision of a Randstad HR Solutions coordinator, discussed in four thematic groups, developing a shared understanding of the situations dealt with and converging towards common solutions.

Four chosen topics, Retention, Transfer of skills, Manger-employee communication, Welfare and work-life balance were tackled and examined.

The participants and organizers were satisfied with the outcome of the project which offered a very useful approach for discussing with a shared vision of company dynamics and processes, changes and organizational improvements.

It was a further concrete demonstration of System innovation in action, with a conception and management of human resources that places priority on the development of human capital, promoting diversity in points of view and innovative management approaches.