the Group

Led by the Chairman Franco Stefani, the System Group has developed its know-how in key sectors of the economy such as ceramics, logistic, electronics and packaging.

Divisions and Business Unit

  1. System Ceramics

    System Ceramics

    International leader in the field of ceramics decoration and automation.

  2. System Electronics

    System Electronics

    This is the System division dedicated to the research and development of systems and products for industrial automation.
    QUAD motors, industrial PCs, controllers and industrial terminals and I/O modules and Ethercat are only a few technological solutions produced in-house, which increasingly become the driving force of System Ceramics solutions.

  3. System Lamina

    System Lamina

    Its design is based on the ambitious goal of constructing the largest and thinnest tile ever seen in the world. This business unit has always stood out for its ability to innovate the ceramic process. The latest achievement consists of a special press with no mold that can generate up to 50000 tonnes of power for revolutionary ceramic tiles.

  4. Nuova ERA

    Nuova ERA

    Designs and manufactures customised handling and storage systems, glazing lines, kiln entry and exit lines and driers.